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We recently obtained a provider number for state of California EDU programs.
Please check back soon for updates and additions to our self study modules!

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Understanding, anticipating and responding to the needs of healthcare professionals is a top priority at Ansell Healthcare.

Ansell Healthcare was the first company to answer powder-related and latex allergy-related concerns with a line of gloves diverse enough to provide totally powder-free and latex-safe environments. Ansell was also the first to design and implement comprehensive educational programs to inform healthcare personnel of the latest advances in hand barrier protection. Ansell’s Advanced Solutions® Program comprises a series of innovative hand barrier protection initiatives and risk management programs.
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The Educational Program explores topics ranging from latex allergy, hand barriers and glove powder to bioterrorism agents, with 32 accredited contact hours available. All are designed in a self-study format and can be taken on-line. Please Note: Ansell’s educational programs are offered free of charge!


The following courses are approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing:
  • Basic Considerations of Radiation Safety and Barrier Protection
  • Bioterrorism Agents and Barrier Protection
  • Chemical Allergy Masquerade
  • Hand Hygiene: Skin and Hand Care in the Healthcare Setting
  • Handling Cytotoxic Drugs; A HEALTH AND SAFETY REVIEW
  • Hazards Associated with Glove Powder
  • Improving Outcomes in the Operating Room
  • Respiratory Protection in Surgery
  • Sharps and Ergonomic Safety in the Healthcare Setting
  • Surgical Gloves and Electrosurgery
  • Understanding Latex Allergy in the Healthcare Setting