Medical GBU
Radiation Attenuation Gloves

Ansell’s Radiation Attenuation Gloves are used to shield hands from the harmful effects of scattered radiation exposure during fluoroscopic procedures. The gloves are made with bismuth oxide in natural rubber latex and are powder-free and lead-free.
Material:   Natural rubber from latex in compliance with ASTM D1076-06 containing dispersed bismuth oxide
Donning Agent:   None (powder-free)
Texture:   Textured
Color:   Khaki
Thickness:   14 mils (0.35) Fingertips 12 mils (0.30mm) Cuffs 11.2 avg. length
Cuff Roll-Down:   Inverted beaded cuff helps to prevent cuff roll-down
Moisturizing:   No Moisturizing Technology
Application Driven:   A textured finish means unequalled reliability when using instruments that require greater gripping capability.

Product Sheet

Technical Sheet
This product contains natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions.
CAUTION: This glove is not intended for use in direct or primary x-ray beams. The purpose of this radiation protective glove is to protect the hands from scattered radiation exposure originating from the x-ray beam during fluoroscopic procedures.