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Company Overview
Ansell pioneered latex glove dipping technology in 1905, and as the century unfolded, established a reputation for excellence often inventing equipment and systems where none were available. On May 11, 1995 Ansell acquired the Perry Glove Division of Smith & Nephew and on February 27, 2000 the Micro-Touch® glove line, making Ansell Healthcare the largest glove company in the world.

Ansell has consistently understood, anticipated, and responded to the gloving needs of healthcare providers.

Milestones include:

  • The first disposable, ready-to-autoclave (RTA) latex surgical glove
  • The first presterilized, disposable latex surgical glove
  • The first orthopaedic and microsurgical latex surgical gloves
  • The first polyurethane surgical glove
Advanced Solutions® Programs
Beyond offering a comprehensive product line that is unparalleled in the industry, Ansell provides a series of innovative Advanced Solutions® Programs managed by a dedicated team of highly trained Clinical Consultants.

Glove Management & Utilization
Ansell's Glove Management & Utilization Program is based on the detailed analysis of medical glove utilization and expenditures by our Clinical Consultants. Statistics generated will optimize product selection, achieve product standardization by eliminating misuse and waste, optimize patient and worker safety, and consolidate inventory.

Risk Management System
Risk Management System is designed to maximize protection while minimizing risk to patients, workers, and facility. The system identifies areas of potential risk, determines who is at risk, and recommends safeguards to minimize risk. Customized guidelines and protocols address latex and chemical allergies, caring for the latex-sensitive patient, proper hand barrier protection, and surgical gloves and electrosurgery.

Glove Environments
Latex and nonlatex, powder and powder-free gloving alternatives have become an important issue for both the patient and the staff. Ansell has developed programs that address the establishing of a latex-safe environment, identifying the risks and costs associated with glove powders, and providing guidelines for the safe handling of hazardous materials and cytotoxic drugs.

AnsellCares Program
AnsellCares, established in 1992 in response to the FDA's Medical Alert on Latex Allergy, provides valuable support to the healthcare industry through a carefully structured program of education, research and awareness.

AnsellCares was developed with three goals:

  1. To research the cause, prevention and treatment of latex allergies.
  2. To educate patients and healthcare workers to recognize, prevent and treat these reactions.
  3. To create an awareness of the issues of latex sensitization.
To fulfill these goals, Ansell seeks out recognized latex allergy experts in leading U.S. and International universities to form the AnsellCares Scientific Advisory Board. Their primary focus is the identification and to the extent possible, elimination or inactivation of relevant natural rubber latex protein allergens. Since 1992, Ansell has invested 1.9 million dollars towards this research. These scientists, researchers, physicians, and educators from around the world monitor the progress of the AnsellCares program and review research results. Results that lead to product improvement are incorporated into Ansell's manufacturing processes.

Ansell realizes that if its efforts in controlling sensitization are to be successful, the knowledge gained through AnsellCares must be disseminated to the healthcare professional. As a result, education and awareness are important facets of the AnsellCares program. Accredited educational programs, videos, newsletters, the World Wide Web site and technical bulletins keep healthcare professionals informed of the latest developments in hand barrier issues. Ansell also sponsors seminars and provides educational grants and scholarships.

Science & Technology
Ansell's scientific research program continues to pioneer work into the critical hand barrier protection issues facing healthcare workers today. Key opinion leaders in the fields of latex and chemical allergy, barrier effectiveness, and polymer science are developing viable answers to complex challenges. Goals include: identification and elimination of relevant protein allergens and chemical allergens; studies which increase the understanding of the epidemiology of latex sensitization; and research into the barrier effectiveness of latex and nonlatex gloving alternatives.

New technologies, new polymers, and evolving clinical needs are all part of the driving force behind our efforts to make better products, more cost effectively. It's what we call "Excellence in Process." Ansell's manufacturing goals are to produce superior, low-allergen latex gloves and to further develop latex-free alternatives. Continued product improvement and development will include the introduction of the new low-allergen, powder-free gloves and new powder-free synthetic gloves such as neoprene, nitrile and polyurethane.

As research reveals new measures of controlling latex and chemical sensitivities and barrier effectiveness of new polymers, Ansell is committed to further redefining production techniques, in order to provide products which are among the safest and most cost effective available.

Mission Statement
Ansell is committed to:
  • Providing advanced solutions to hand barrier protection problems.
  • Offering total gloving environments: powder-free, synthetic and chemical protection.
  • Independent research: proactively funds key opinion leader research into critical gloving issues.
  • Delivering quality, service, and efficiency as a business partner.
  • Providing excellent value for money with respect to our hand barrier protection product line.

Product Line
Today's Ansell brings together the glove lines of Ansell, Perry, and most recently, the Micro-Touch® glove line to become one company exclusively dedicated to medical gloves. As a result, Ansell offers the broadest line of gloves on the market including surgical, specialty and examination in latex and synthetic, powdered and powder-free in choices that are as varied and as technologically advanced as the procedures you perform every day.

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